Group Workshops

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing measures, places on our workshops are strictly limited.

Our 10 week workshops are perfect for students who would like to improve their skills and meet other musicians. We keep motivation high by choosing contemporary songs that demonstrate a variety of practical skills and techniques.

A 10% advance price discount is available if all fees are paid in full before the start of the workshop. The full price may be paid in instalments with a deposit on booking and the balance due by half term.

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines, students must arrive no earlier than the arrival times noted below and will go straight to their teaching rooms as advised by our tutors. Students must leave the premises within 10 minutes of the workshop ending.

Parents and siblings are asked to wait in the car wherever possible as we have very limited space in reception!

Thank you all for your understanding.

Kids Rock

Beginners aged 4-6
Ukulele & drums

Get your kids into music early with this introductory workshop.

We use ukuleles to make it easier for little fingers, but still incorporate basic skills which can be transferred to guitar.

For drums, we teach rhythm and beats in a practical but fun fashion and we'll cover real songs you can hear on the radio!

Sat 26th Sep - Sat 12th Dec

Arrive: TBC

Workshop: TBC

Full price: £185

Advance price: £166.50


Beginners To Band Members

Beginners aged 7 - 11
Guitar, bass, drums

This workshop is designed for complete beginners and gives young musicians a chance to build their confidence while learning a new instrument

Fri 25th Sep - Fri 11th Dec

Arrive: 17:00-17:10

Workshop: 17:10-18:00

Full price: £205

Advance price: £184.50

Step Up On Stage

Intermediate aged 7 - 11
Guitar, bass, drums

With a focus on live performance, Step Up On Stage helps students to develop and build upon their existing skills and abilities on their chosen instrument.

Fri 25th Sep - Fri 11th Dec

Arrive: 18:00-18:10

Workshop: 18:10-19:00

Full price: £205

Advance price: £184.50


Rock Band JNRS

Intermediate aged 9 - 14 (approx)
Guitar, bass, drums & vocals

Students will work on expanding their repertoire, learning more complex songs while continuing to develop their existing skills.

Sat 26th Sep - Sat 12th Dec

Arrive: 11:30-11:40

Workshop: 11:40-13:00

Full price: £265

Advance price: £238.50

Rock Band

Advanced aged 11 - 17 (approx)
Guitar, bass, drums & vocals

This popular live performance workshop is great for students who want to improve their skills and build up their repertoire of songs.

We usually cover 7 songs over the course of 10 weeks, and students help choose which songs they'd like to learn!

Sat 26th Sep - 12th Dec

Arrive: 13:00-13:10

Workshop: 13:10-14:30

Full price: £265

Advance price: £238.50


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